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シリコンバレーを中心に過去20年間で行われたIT革命は、我々の生活を大きく変えると共に、 Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook といった、新たなリーディングカンパニーを生み出して きました。我々は、過去シリコンバレーにおける起業経験で培った現場 レベルでのイノベーションの起こし方、そして世界各国から集まった人材とネットワークを、世界で 勝負する日本企業の皆様の武器としてフルに活用して頂きたい、そして皆様と共に「金の鯨」となっ て、今一度世界で活躍する日本を取り戻したいという考えのもと、Golden Whales Group を立 ち上げるに至りました。


New market development

Expanding into a new market can be a great way to leverage your core business for growth. But a successful expansion takes a disciplined and informed approach.  We research, identify and develop new market segments for your products and services.  We work with you in assessing each opportunity and avoiding pitfalls. It's not just a consultation, we are collaborators towards the same vision of success. 



Many mature organizations look to collaboration opportunities with technology start-ups as innovation drivers. Although many see this potential, execution faces many difficulties.  Larger corporations and startups often lack shared visions or even a common vocabulary.  The differences in organizational DNA creates unique challenges for all parties. All of our team members have deep experience in these challenges, whether as a start-up or large corporations.  We are confident that we can foster long-term win-win situations.


Our Team



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