Pupil Voice in the Classroom

"High Standards, Solid Foundations"

Pupil voice is very important to us at Gwaunfarren. At every opportunity the children are given opportunities to lead their learning and contribute to the development of their curriculum.

Foundation Phase - Amser Enfys

Every week/fortnight the pupils plan some of the activities that they will complete independently in the enhanced provision (classroom areas). The teacher introduces a story, object, film clip or picture which they discuss as a class. The pupils then develop activity ideas that they will complete the following week. The children complete these activities independently when it is their group's turn.

Each session the class is split into 3 groups. 2 groups complete adult led activities, while the other group complete the Amser Enfys activities. The pupils choose the Amser Enfys activities that they wish to complete. These activities allow the pupils to practice and consolidate previously taught skills independently.

Key Stage 2 - Missions

Amser Enfys looks slightly different in Key Stage 2 but the principles are the same. In Key Stage 2 the pupils call the activities missions and they are completed in the afternoon. The pupils develop their missions in the same way as the Foundation Phase. Classes are split into either 2 or 3 groups. Pupils complete their missions when it is their turn to work independently.