"High Standards, Solid Foundations"

At Gwaunfarren we use the Read Write Inc resources but have adapted the programme for the needs of our pupils... Sessions are completed daily and they focus on the Phonics, Reading and Reading Comprehension elements.

Pupils are grouped within their classes according to their reading ability and they are tracked and monitored closely. When needed the pupils are informally assessed and they change groups frequently.

Read Write Inc helps to develop the pupil's confidence as the focus ditties or stories are pitched at the right level - They are always expected to read words containing sounds that they already know!

New focus sounds and words are introduced weekly, preparing them to read the focus books in the next group. When the children are able to read all of the sounds and words fluently they move on.

The children complete handwriting, spelling and literacy sessions back in their classes separate to their phonics sessions, although they are constantly reminded about their focus sounds and spelling patterns.

The children are taught to firstly read the simple speed sounds and then they move on to the alternate spellings on the complex chart.

Here are some videos to show you how we teach and pronounce each of the sounds.

Set 1 Sounds.mp4

Set 1 Sounds

Set 2 Sounds.mp4

Set 2 Sounds

Set 3 Sounds.mp4

Set 3 Sounds

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Below you will find some useful RWI documents to help your child at home.

RWI handwriting phrases 2016.pdf

Handwriting Phrases

RWI newsletter.pdf

RWI Newsletter

RWI - Speed Sounds.ppt

Speed Sounds Powerpoint.