"High Standards, Solid Foundations"

Handwriting is something that we have decided to really target this year. We have decided to introduce the children in the Foundation Phase to joined handwriting. Up until this year joined handwriting has been introduced in Year 3. We feel that by introducing the children to joined up handwriting sooner it will benefit them, as sometimes the children find the transition from print to joined handwriting difficult. By introducing the cursive style earlier the join will come more naturally.

The younger children will be exposed to leads outs (Nursery/Reception) and when they are ready they will begin to join the letters (Year 1/Year 2).

The change from print to cursive letters will not happen overnight... The children will complete focus handwriting sessions during the week and they will practice the letters/patterns daily. For example, when the cursive letter a has been taught and practiced, the children will be rewarded for writing the word a cursively in their focused and independent writing etc. The children might also be asked to practice their handwriting as part of their homework, focusing on letters/patterns taught that day/week.

Below is a copy of the handwriting style we have chosen to adopt at Gwaunfarren:

Useful resources and documents to help your child can be found below.

RWI handwriting phrases 2016.pdf