Google Classroom Support Page.

This page is mainly for the Foundation Phase parents as the Foundation Phase Google Classrooms are new and they are set up through HWB (Differently to KS2). However, after the log in part on the video it will apply to KS2 classrooms too.

If you or a sibling has a google account you need to make sure they are signed out of Google before you log in to HWB - See the images below.

Below is a parent guide video for Google Classroom. The video takes you through the HWB log in process and an overview of Google Classroom. The video focuses on computer/laptop/chromebook first and talks about tablets and phones later. You can sign in on more than one device if you would prefer to view the work on one and take photographs/videos to upload on a phone after completing the task.

Parent Guide to Google Classroom.mp4

Foundation Phase Parent Guide To Google Classroom Video.

If you experience any problems logging into Google Classroom or any problems once you are using it, please ask your child's class teacher for support. They will be happy to advise you further. Thank you.