Online Safety at Gwaunfarren

"High Standards, Solid Foundations"

The internet is an amazing tool that many of us use so frequently, we take things for granted. However, it is important to remember how dangerous it can be, especially for our children. Online Safety is so important to us. We want to educate our children to use the internet safely and make the right choices at all times.

As well as teaching the children ICT skills we also teach the children about staying safe online at every opportunity. Once every half term we teach a focused ICT lesson based on internet safety using the swgfl Digital Literacy Resources (Supported by WAG). The Digital Literacy Resources are designed to empower pupils and students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. Also as part of the Digital Competence framework, through the Citizenship strand we provide opportunities to apply and consolidate the skills at every opportunity.

Our dedicated digital leaders also plan and lead termly Online Safety workshops and assemblies. The children share important messages and advice about Online Safety. Representatives from our digital leaders are also part of our "Digital Council." Online Safety is one of the areas discussed with all stakeholders in our 1/2 termly meetings.

In order to keep our children safe we need to work together. In this section of the website you will find various resources which can help support you to keep your children safe online.