Gwaunfarren eCadets

We are proud to announce we have become an eCadet school. The eCadets is an award winning programme which trains, empowers and supports a team of pupils to keep their friends safe online.

At the start of term we held a special eCadet recruitment assembly where we introduced the KS2 children to the scheme. Interested children then received an application form to apply for the position, giving reasons why they would make an outstanding eCadet. We were overwhelmed by the interest and were very proud of the children's applications. From the applications we chose children to go through to the next round. The chosen children were asked to create a poster about eSafety and present their poster in an interview. Once again we were overwhelmed by the effort the children had put in! We are lucky to have such hardworking role models in our School.

This site will be updated regularly, keeping you up to date with our challenges and exciting things we have in store!