Golden Valley USD Distance Learning Resources

Distance Learning can be tough for students, teachers, and especially parents. We at Golden Valley know this can impact how our students succeed and want to do everything we can to help you stay on track. It is very important that students continue to learn on a daily basis, reading for 30 minutes a day and spend time practicing their math skills even when we are not grading it.

On this webpage you will be able to find all of the resources that we have available. Our Teachers have done an amazing job of staying in communication and putting together a lot of school work to keep the students learning. You will be able to find a digital copy of this classwork below.

We at GVUSD use Clever as a portal for our students to access many more resources online, your students Clever account is linked to their Google email account and can be accessed by clicking this link (or visiting If you student doesn't remember their google email username or password please contact their teacher for help. You can find your teachers email address by visiting clicking on "Schools" and selecting the school, and than using the "Staff" link on the main page.

Golden Valley Distance Learning Packets

Ranchos Middle School Packets

7th Grade (May 4th - 8th)

8th Grade (May 4th - 8th)

GVUSD Clever Student Portal Information

Getting Connected to the Internet

A Complete Guide to Internet Service during the Pandemic can be found here

Comcast is offering free internet access to free and reduced lunch families for 60 days. After 60 days you can continue to have access at a reduced rate of $9.95/mo . Click the image above to get started!

Internet For All Now

The California Emerging Technology Fund has provided access to affordable offers, as well as a number to call 1-844-841-INFO (4636) to assist parents. Click the image above to get started!

Zoom Online Meeting

Zoom has been the goto application for virtual lessons and meetings, as well as a giving our teachers the ability to have a virtual classroom that they can use to help with distance learning.

With any new technology there can be difficulties, here are a few helpful tips that should make using zoom a breeze.

Before you ZOOM

1. You will need a computer, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone.

2. You will receive a notification from your teachers with a 9-digit meeting ID that you can use to join your class -OR- your teacher will email you a link to click on to join the Google class.

To Join a ZOOM

1. Join the meeting by clicking on a ZOOM link provided by your teachers. (

2. Follow the prompts to download and run ZOOM.

3. Enter your meeting ID if you are prompted to do so.

4. Click to join the audio conference.

5. When you are in the meeting, you may click on the start video button to turn on the camera on your device.

ZOOM Controls Using the icons along the bottom of the screen you can:

•Mute/Unmute your microphone - your teacher may ask you to mute your microphone during the lesson to limit background noises. You can un-mute your device to ask your teacher a question.

•Turn on/off your camera - turning your camera on allows your teacher to see you and know you are following along with them.

•Invite - invite other students to your class using their email address or phone number.

•View participant list - this opens a list of all the students logged into the classroom. This also has an option to ‘raise your hand.’ If you click to raise your hand, it will notify your teacher so they can talk to you.

•Share screen - this allows your teacher to share their computer screen with you.

•Chat - this opens a chat window where the teacher can see any questions you may have and respond to you.

Online Resources

Below are free educational resources that you and your student may use to further enrich your educational experience

Please note that we cannot guarantee your privacy with these applications, when signing up for anything it's best to understand that they may share your information with 3rd parties. If you do not want this please do not sign up for anything.

Khan Academy

Prodigy Math Game

Global Digital Library

Scholastic Books



K - 8

History for kids