Student Leadership

This elite Student Leadership Program is designed for a select group of students who serve as role models, teacher’s assistants and demo team members to represent our school at various functions and community activities. Their responsibility is to lead by example exemplifying the behavior, character and motivation of a tip top Black Belt (or future Black Belt).

The Student Leadership Program is a team of our highest achievers. It is to be considered a privilege to be allowed into this elite program. Members have earned that privilege by excelling not only in their Taekwondo skills, but also by doing well in school and obeying their parents at home. A well rounded individual is what is required to make the team.

Once making it onto the team, members are treated to special skills which are not taught in the regular classes. These skills include leadership development, special sparring training, tournament judging training and many more.

All Students Leaders must be “Invited” to be a part of this program.

NOTE – The recommendation of his/her instructor is essential, having proven to them to have a great attitude and a commitment to training. The applicant must have exhibited and achieved mental maturity as well as possess the ability to work as a team member.

Being a member of the Student Leadership Program is a privilege. Remaining a part of this program should be a top goal. While it is not the desire of any instructor to remove a student from this program, it is imperative that the student continue to grow.

Below is a list of expectations for every member of the Student Leadership


* Members will maintain acceptable school grades.

* Members will respect their parents at all times.

* Members will be faithful to attend all scheduled classes.

* Members will represent Christian Black Belt Academies and Jesus in a proper and respectable manner at all times.