Tiny Tigers

  • Ages 3-6
  • Weekly half hour fun classes- moves, sparring, board breaking, bible memory verses, anti-bullying, self defense mindset
  • Online Curriculum
  • Videos!

Traditional Tae Kwon Do

  • Ages 7 to Adult
  • Weekly hour long classes teaching forms, sparring, board breaking, bible verse memorization, and self defense mindset

Abishai Self Defense Systems

  • Targeted adult self defense training on a scheduled and invitation basis- basic, women's, tactical
  • We strive to meet family needs in a number of ways (affordability, easy scheduling, quality curriculum)- we are a premium service which is affordable on your pocketbook, and convenient on your calendar. Classes meet once per week, and practice at home is expected. Tuition is charged monthly, and family rates are available for 3 or more students.
  • We have full student support materials available online- from form sheets to videos of how to perform each move, to assist students and parents in their crucial practice at home.
  • We have black belt character development homework, to assist the students in developing important life skills that are foundational to success in life.
  • We have leadership programs in place to challenge exceptional students to become martial arts instructors.