Course: Integrated Math 2A

Teacher: Mr. Gonzalez

Room: 202



Course Description

Integrated Mathematics II is the second course of a three course sequence including Mathematics I, II, and III. This course satisfies the California State Common Core Standards for Integrated Math II. The overall focus of the course is to (1) extend the laws of exponents to rational exponents; (2) compare key characteristics of quadratic functions with those of linear and exponential functions, (3) create and solve equations and inequalities involving linear, exponential, and quadratic expressions; (4) extend work with probability; (5) establish criteria for similarity of triangles based on dilations and proportional reasoning; (6) investigate and make conjectures about properties of common geometric shapes with special attention to regular polygons; (7) use constructions to further understanding of geometric proof; and (8) use proportional reasoning to understand trig functions and their relation to each other.

This course will offer students a "big picture" understanding of mathematics. This includes understanding how the different areas of mathematics are related, and how math makes sense, is relevant, and is useful in understanding the real world. Students are then able to become critical thinkers and gain the tools necessary in any field that requires problem solving. Students completing this course will be proficient in communicating mathematics both verbally and symbolically. They will understand the whys of the mathematics they are doing, and will be able to perform all levels of skill-based mathematics including manipulating algebraic expressions, using algorithms, and performing basic computations.


Dietiker, Kysh, Sallee, Hoey.Core Connections Integrated II (Second Edition*, Version 6.0). CPM


Notebook, folder, and pencil.


  1. You have two options: either have your phone in your pocket/purse at all times during instruction or put your phone in the bag in front of class. If your phone is out and I see it, you have to put it in the bag.
  2. Students need to be on time for class and prepared for the instructional time and activities. What this means, is that you have your notebook out and pencil by the time the bell rings.
  3. School dress code will be enforced in class. If you’re wearing something inappropriate, I may ask you go to the office.
  4. Inappropriate language (any language) is not allowed in class.


90%-100% = A 80%-89% = B 70%-79% = C 65%-69% = D 64% and below = F


Participation/Classwork 40%

Team Test 10%

Individual Test 50%


For this class, you will work in groups, each person in the group will have a role. Your classwork will be a collaborative effort of the members in your group. You will be graded on your participation/contribution to the classwork. I will be looking for signs of communication within the group, explaining to one another your justification for a specific method, or your active inquiry to your peers for understanding and your fulfillment of your role in the group. Because this class setting is based on collaborative effort, your attendance and punctuality is important for this portion of the grade, 40%.

Team Test

Team test are done in teams, each member of the team/group is responsible for contributing to all the assigned problems. Your team will be graded on two things: If you got the correct answer and whether each member can justify the work for each problem. If one of the members of the group can’t justify the steps for a problem, then the average grade of the group will go down. It is important that each member understands all the problems. Everyone in the team will get the same grade for this portion, 10%.

Individual Test

Individual test are done individually. The individual test are worth is 60% of your grade. Because this part of the grade is the heaviest, I will allow students to repeat an exam. Before repeating the exam, I will need to talk to you individually and set up a time to go over the test with you.

School Policy

Students whose attendance is below 80% will not earn credit for the class. That means that if you have excessive absences you will be in danger of being below 80%.

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I have read the information on the syllabus and will comply with Mr. Gonzalez Rules and Policies.

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