READTeam can no longer meet in person. All students in READTeam will still have access to their iReady Accounts. Please read our tips below on using iReady at home.

  • Log in to iReady a minimum of 45 minutes per week. (We suggest 2 days per week for 20-30 minutes, or 4 days a week for 10 minutes)
  • Select a chapter book or book of high interest that is above reading level for your child. READ this book to your child. We recommend making this part of your daily schedule for about 20 minutes. This will help your child develop critical vocabulary and background knowledge that helps tremendously when they read on their own.
  • Are you wanting more? Site words, or instant words, are words kids need to know instantly. Most of them are not able to be sounded out, or decoded because they do not follow the most predictable rules. These words should never be practiced without an adult and the adult should always preview the words before their child attempts to read them. These words can greatly increase fluency and are a good at-home skill to teach because they involve memorizing. You can make integrate these words into games such as GoFish and Memory. We will be posting Instant Word lists on our READTeam page soon, please visit here for these lists!

Looking for More?

There are many great online resources to to supplement work from your child's classroom. If you would like to work on some tech-free reading strategies with your child, we encourage you to read more or visit the Fry's Instant Word lists.

We believe in all the learning that can take place at home. Be sure to mix up your reading with low tech and high-tech options.

Cereal boxes, assembly directions, newspapers, magazines, books, games, puzzles, and writing are all examples of reading in the home environment!

READTeam Testimonials

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