For Parents


Please make sure your child brings these three supplies:

  • Pencils
  • Paper (in any form)
  • Binder/Folder (to keep paper)

In addition, it is appreciated if your child can bring their own calculator (regular four function calculator) and headphones.

Contact Me

  1. Email me.
  2. Text me (Talking Points)
  3. You may also message me through the Class Dojo app.
  4. Call school: (228) 870-1035


Click here to check your child's grades

Make sure you check your child's grades regularly in order to avoid surprises.

If you need your credentials to log in, talk to your child's counselor at school.

i-Ready Link

Students are required to pass two lessons weekly and have an on-task time of at least 60 minutes a week. Students can do i-Ready at home as well as in school. At school they have one 53-minutes-class period to do i-Ready and ask questions they might have while working on it.


Students are required to have an on-task time of at least 90 minutes a week. They have two 53-minutes-class periods to do this at school. They might do it at home as well.

Your info

In order to have a fluent communication with parents, I need you to provide me with your most accurate contact information.