General Room Self-Selection

Continuing Students (not new/incoming students) may participate in General Room Self-Selection, scroll down for screenshot instructions. The General Room Self-Selection process pertains to you UNLESS you are 1.) manually housed in order to meet an ADA accommodation, 2.) pre-housed with the Global Learning & Academic Wellness TLC or the Communal Queer Living TLC, 3.) officially approved for an off-campus release, or 4.) manually housed as an Apartment Group.

General Room Self-Selection will take place in the evening of April 10, 2019.

This is the online process through which available double rooms in English Hall, Mary Hobbs Hall, and Shore Hall will be "up for grabs" and students who are eligible for General Room Self-Selection will go into MyHousing Self-Service and place themselves into available spaces. The process will open up to individuals at their assigned Start Time, prioritized by credit hours, in 60-second increments.

Watch for further information and instructions by email.

General Room Self-Selection for Continuing Students

To participate in General Room Self-Selection, you must:

  • Complete the Online Housing Application by the deadline,
  • Be mutually matched with a roommate through Roommates Selection, and
  • Not already be housed through one of the other processes (ADA accommodations, Apartment Groups, Global Learning & Academic Leadership TLC, Communal Queer Living TLC).