Communal Queer Living

Themed Living Community for SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, and SENIORS in SHORE HALL.


The Communal Queer Living TLC is a gender inclusive and affirming housing option that provides space for transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, genderqueer students, and affirming friends to build community. Individuals interested in being a part of this Queer and Trans affirming community are expected to work to recognize their varying positions of privilege, and prioritize the lives of marginalized folks. This community is committed to creating an anti-racist, class conscious, queer affirming space; that centers femmes, trans folks, people of color, indigenous folks, undocumented students, people with disabilities, and those embodying the spaces in-between and beyond. Hall programming and communal living expectations will reflect these principles and values.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will explore current, historical, interpersonal, and systemic issues related to gender, sexuality, intersectionality, and social justice.
  2. Students will explore ideas of leadership and what it looks like to uplift and uphold minoritized voices within both sexuality and gender as well as along intersecting identities.
  3. Students will work to create an inclusive and understanding space that allows students to support and collaborate with one another throughout the year.

This TLC will occupy part or all of Shore Hall depending on the number of applications received. Regardless, Shore Hall bathrooms will be gender inclusive.

While we hope all Shore Hall residents will be engaged in the incredible opportunities, events and initiatives offered through the Communal Queer Living TLC there will be no requirements to participate.


There is a pre-application process for this TLC. You do not have to indicate a rationale for why you would like to live here, but indicate your interest and commitment on the form below. DUE by 5:00pm on March 18th!

Students who apply for this TLC must ALSO complete all other housing processes associated with Shore Hall, including the Online Housing Application.