About Friends Center

Friends Center is a collaborative project between the Religious Society of Friends and Guilford College. Friends Center is responsible for three key aspects of the college's mission.

First, it is to nurture Quaker life and renewal on campus through programing, the Quaker studies minor, and the Quaker leadership program.

Second, it is also responsible for building and sustaining interfaith cooperation and spirituality on Guilford's campus.

Third, Friends Center worked to build bridges and relationships with the Global Quaker community, not only to draw students to the college but to act as a resource for the Religious Society of Friends.

Friends Center began in 1984 with the support of President William R. Rogers. The founding director was Judith Weller-Harvey. Since then Friends Center has grown in staff and in mission.

Events and Programs

Find Us in the Eva Campbell House

Friends Center @ Eva Campbell House

Friends Center is happily located in the beautiful and newly renovated Eva Campbell house. Eva Campbell was born on April 5, 1895 and would later become a Professor of Biology at Guilford College, serving on the faculty from 1924-1961.

She pursued graduate work at Ohio State University, completing her Ph.D. in 1931, and mentored generations of Guilfordians who went on to successfully complete medical school.

Fifteen years after her retirement, she wrote " My teaching and my students during my years at Guilford College have been the deepest satisfaction of my life. I am very proud of the many men and women whom I have taught..."


Here's our address and a google map link:

800 George White Rd W, Greensboro, NC 27410

Here's a picture of the campus map that gives you a bit more of a close up:


Look for the parking lot at the corner of George White Rd and Friendly Ave.

There is a sign that says "Friends Center and Quaker Leadership Scholars Program."

There is parking right outside our office door.

Eva Campbell

Professor of Biology Eva Campbell in the laboratory. Campbell served on the faculty from 1924-1961 and advised generations of Guilford students who went on to successfully complete medical school. Photograph by James P. Patton (Guilford class of 1949).

Friends Center Staff

Wess Daniels

William R Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies

Friends Center, Guilford College



Aleks Babić

Director of Quaker Leadership Scholars Program

Friends Center, Guilford College


Evelyn Jadin

Multifaith Coordinator and Campus Chaplain

Friends Center, Guilford College