3D Design

Class Description

3-Dimensional Design is a hands-on, sculpture based art course. This course centers on further developing art skills, creativity and originality. Student learning will be heavily based in creating classroom projects and evaluating/critiquing their work as well as the work of fellow artists and peers. Students should also expect to learn through reading, writing, bell work, trial and error, mistakes and anything else their instructor sees fit to promote the understanding of the elements of art and principles of design.

Teacher Contact

Students & parents may contact me through email anytime or by my classroom phone during school hours.

Class phone: (623)-915-7163

Email: Morgan.Norris@guhsdaz.org

Art department:

  • Craig Winkler- 2D Design
  • Dawn Chamberlain- Photography
  • Morgan Norris- 3D Design


Grades will be based on completion of in-school work and participation. Points will contribute to an overall grade for each quarter. The types of assignments that contribute to your overall grade are as follows:

  • Bell-work
  • Projects
  • Assignment worksheets
  • Project sketches and thumbnails
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Reference materials
  • Critique
  • Artist Statements
  • PBA (performance based assessment)

Grade Breakdown

100% - 90% = A

89% - 80% = B

79% - 70% = C

69% - 60% = D

59% - 0% = F