Summer Assignment

Summer 2021 Assignment Overview

Value of a Summer Assignment:

As a student of literature, practicing skills and continuing to read even beyond what is expected during the school year can greatly benefit and add to your success during the course. Although a “new” novel will not be assigned this summer, I encourage you to look at the list of novels provided and choose one or two that you will read during the summer primarily for enjoyment. Literature is meant to be enjoyed and this honestly is the best time to deepen your understanding about literature and to also increase your reading ability as well as your overall vocabulary. Each year students ask me how to increase their vocabulary much too late since developing a complex vocabulary as well as good writing skills results from continuously reading good literature.

Required tasks:

  • Getting to know you response - Due July 12, 2021 (instructions on page 3 of posted document)

  • Read How to Read Literature Like a Professor (Revised Edition) - Pages 4-6

  • Create your 50 Things Poster for the above text - DUE WEEK ONE OF SCHOOL

  • Read, reread, or review Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner by the first week of school (If you have a difficult time locating a copy, please contact me as soon as possible.)

Suggested task:

Review the list on page 8 of the posted summer assignment for possible novels to read this summer and read two of them. Remember you are reading for enjoyment!

For the full assignment, necessary resources, and details, you MUST join 2021-2022 AP Literature Summer on Google Classroom using the code 2juu6gb.