Community College Info.

With 10 colleges and 2 Skill Centers in Maricopa County this is a great option for students to begin their higher education. They offer a wide variety of programs in both Certificate and Associates Degrees. There are about 954 occupational programs, 31 academic certificates and 9 academic associate degrees. They work with universities to assist in a smooth transaction for those choosing to transfer to a university to complete their Bachelors degrees and beyond. Click on the links to the side to begin researching your schools and programs of study, then click on the link to start your application.

Community College Search - Click here to search schools, programs and more.

Steps to Apply - Click here to start your application

Maricopa Skills Center - Now under the Gateway name, they offer flexible start dates and various programs to choose from.

Southwest Skills Center - Offers a variety of Healthcare programs located on the Estrella Mountain Community College Campus.

University Transfer - Help to plan your classes according to the university you wish to transfer too. This site will help you to make sure that your taking the correct classes to transfer.