Summer Assignment

21-22 Summer Assignment

Read a book written for grown-ups (no Young Adult novels), and write an appraisal of it.

Post your appraisal Google Classroom. (Classroom Code: 353gcw6)

This is due August 9th @ 6 am.

NOTE: You should not choose a book you have already read to complete this assignment as that defeats part of the purpose of this assignment: to get you to read and think.

Appraisal Example

A NEW WORLD: CHAOS is written by John O'Brien, a former Air Force fighter instructor and Special Ops operator. With his background knowledge, he weaves a story where the flu virus becomes a pandemic (Yeah, I know, what a timely book to read?). The government and pharmaceutical companies team up and develop a vaccine. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of time to test the vaccine before distributing it to the world for use. The new vaccine bonds with the flu vaccine people have already taken and changes their DNA, making them into new entities that hunt and eat the unchanged humans. O'Brien tells his story in first-person, explaining how he gathers his three children close then charts a course to Afghanistan to collect his girlfriend. Along the way, he gathers more and more soldiers and civilians with a plan to build a sanctuary for unchanged humans. This book is extremely captivating giving our current pandemic; however, it is also extremely gruesome and explicit as it details the impact of bullets as they enter and exit targets. Although I know a lot about special operations and military movements from other books I have read, this book offered new insight into flying planes and the challenges involved in staying in the air. Personally, I think this book would be a great read for anyone that enjoys action and violence with the goal of survival of the fittest guiding the way.

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