Xenophobia Research

What is my information need?

Before you start searching, always stop and ask yourself this question: "What exactly am I searching for?"

  • What are the requirements for information I seek with this project?
  • First of all, do I fully understand the requirements for this assignment?
  • What kind of sources will be "worthy" for my Works Cited for this particular assignment?


Find primary sources that demonstrate xenophobia in action.

Challenge Logistics

Your army will be building a collection of possible primary sources, tracking ALL sources you find that might be a good match for this assignment. Later, your group can review the collection and decide on the best ones to use.

  • LIBRARY DAY 1: Find examples of xenophobia in the United States.
    • Locate examples from different time periods in American history, including periods pre-2000 and post-2000.
  • LIBRARY DAY 2: Find primary sources of the historical xenophobia examples.
    • Locate different types of materials, including BOTH visual and text-based sources. See more examples.

Header image: "Military police on duty in watch-tower at the Santa Anita assembly center for evacuees of Japanese ancestry" from Wikimedia Commons