Reading Takes You Everywhere!

Adventure outside your comfort zone with this WHHS summer 2018 reading challenge!

Monthly Challenges

read an eBook or audiobook


read a "classic" book

Track Your Progress

Want to track your progress with a paper log? Print a copy of the doc linked below. If you complete it (even part of it), make sure to share with Ms. Sannwald when we get back to West Hills after summer.


  • Making time to read - Ms. Sannwald has noticed a theme among students and adults alike (including herself!) that it seems harder than ever to make time to read books. Maybe it's due to technology, our busy work demands, or our shortening attention spans. Whatever the cause, the goal with this project is to take control over how we spend our time (for more on this, check out Tristan Harris's work on "Time Well Spent"). Let's make time to read this summer!
  • Stepping outside our comfort zones - Perhaps more than we realize or like to admit, we often confine ourselves to small circles. We fall into routines, develop habits, and hear from the same voices in our information and social "bubbles." Inspired by the TED Radio Hour "Comfort Zone" podcast episode, Ms. Sannwald wonders how we may find ways to step outside our comfort zones. These summer challenges are intended to help push ourselves outside our reading comfort zones.


  • Read what interests you! Each challenge is intended to push you outside of your comfort zone while also giving you room to hopefully find a book you will enjoy. When you get the opportunity to choose what you read, pick something you find interesting.
  • Read as you wish! While the challenges are organized by month, please do not feel constrained by the challenges. If you can't read that much, read as much as you can. If you can read more, read more. If you feel like doing the challenges in a different order or reading something outside of the challenges - do it! This is just meant to be a fun guide.
  • Want to share? When you get back to school, tell the librarian, Ms. Sannwald, about what you read, attempted to read, enjoyed, learned, etc. Do you think other students would enjoy reading a book you've enjoyed? You can always recommend book purchases for the WHHS library!