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Welcome to the home for Valhalla High School's Cross Country and Track & Field programs. Important announcements will be added to this site as the season goes on, so please check back often. For Track & Field information, click on the tab at the top of the page.

*Upcoming Events & Information for 2020 Season:

*2019 information is below:

WolfPack Invitational (Friday (8/30) at West Hills High School

Student race time are as follows:Freshman Girls: 4:00 PM 1.5 milesFreshman Boys: 4:20 PM 1.5 milesSophomore Girls: 4:40 PM 1.5 milesSophomore Boys: 5:00 PM 2.1 milesJunior Girls: 5:20 PM 1.5 milesJunior Boys: 5:40 PM 2.1 milesSenior Girls: 6:00 PM 1.5 milesSenior Boys: 6:20 PM 2.1 miles

Mustang Invitational

(Ian Cumming/Tim Latham Invitational)

Friday, September 6th, 2019

We are in the Red Devil Division. Student race times are as follows:2:00 PM Girls’ Junior Varsity Mustang Division Distance 1.6-2 Mile 2:25 PM Girls’ Junior Varsity Red Devil Division Distance 1.6-2 Mile 2:50 PM Boys Junior Varsity Mustang Division Distance 2-2.5 Mile 3:20 PM Boys Junior Varsity Red Devil Division Distance 2-2.5 Mile 3:50 PM Boys Varsity Mustang Division 3.1 MILE COURSE 4:15 PM Boys Varsity Red Devil Division 3.1 MILE COURSE 4:40PM Boys’ Frosh/Soph Mustang Division Distance 2-2.5 Mile 5:10 PM Boys’ Frosh/Soph Red Devil Division Distance 2-2.5 Mile 5:40PM Girls Varsity Mustang Division Distance 2-2.5 Mile 6:10 PM Girls Varsity Red Devil Division Distance 2-2.5 Mile

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TEAM PHOTOS: All team parent/enthusiast photographers are assets to the Cross Country Team! Event and race photos are most appreciated when shared on our shutterfly site here.

A message from Coach Carter

Being a Champion Competitor

You are champions already, mentally and physically, with your running preparation. The secret to your running success and being a competitor is knowing that you have won a race before you start.

Nothing can compensate for the lack of will to perform when the situation demands that desire! Only you can provide the will. No one clue can help at the moment of truth. The penalty for the lack of will is usually defeat. (Either mental or physical.) “Quitting” is anytime the athlete gives up hope of doing his/her best. The difference between a winner and a loser is often the effort to try. The winner tries and therefore regardless of the result is a winner. There is no failure like ceasing to try.

Proper training is an extremely important part of being a winner. It does not guarantee success but it certainly increases the possibilities. You must work at developing your inner motivation. So remember, being a champion requires simply doing the basics of training (eating right, sleeping sufficiently, drinking correct fluids and exercising your brain and body for the races) and reaching further within yourself and being all that you can be each race.

*Past Events:

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7/20: 5k for Carter

We are holding Coach Carter’s Memorial 5K on Valhalla Campus this year. It will kickstart our cross country season and also serve as our season’s first fundraiser! All family and friends of the Valhalla Cross Country team are encouraged to come and run in remembrance of Coach Carter and in support of the team. Run/walk registration is available on Valhalla’s webstore.

7/27: Watermelon Run

Watermelon run will take place at Lake Murray on Saturday, July 27th at 7am. We will begin our team run shortly after 7am, and when all groups are finished we will enjoy watermelon at the picnic tables at the mouth of the paved trail. Families are welcome to attend! Come and enjoy watermelon and a summer Saturday morning with the team.

8/5: 1st Official Practice

Please have your clearance forms turned in before this date. Students who have not completed both clearance forms by the 5th of August will not be allowed to practice with the team until the forms are submitted.

Note: Physicals have held back students from practicing many times in the past. Completing scheduling of an appointment before mid-July is highly recommended to avoid delay of admittance to practice if an appointment is not immediately available.

8/10: Beach Run and Family Picnic Potluck

South Mission Beach Jetty, 8am-1pm

This is a team run and beach day with family and friends highly encouraged to attend. We will complete a team warmup before running north on the beach and returning on the boardwalk. After all groups have returned, we will have a potluck lunch at the picnic tables by the volleyball courts. Picnic potluck sign-ups are available here.