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Hello and Welcome to Granite Hills Biology,

Hello, and welcome to Biology at Granite Hills .

the class tentatively will follow this general sequence of units

growth from molecules to organisms(carbohydrates, proteins, fats)

human systems /feedback mechanisms and homeostasis

cell division

photosynthesis/ cell respiration

biogeochemical cycles ( nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon dioxide, water, oxyg)

then 2nd

dna/ rna/ genetics / protein synthesis and variation of traits

biodiversity / speciation

populations/ carry capacity / human impact on ecosystems

We now have grades in the computer.

Low packet scores indicate work not being done or work that is wrong or lacks detail and quality . Please help your student organize their packets of assignments and also help them prepare for a test by reviewing information and helping the students organize and study.

We are done with Biogeochemical cycles (ch 2/3) packet 4.

Carbohydrates , Fats , Proteins, and Nucleic Acids has been the focus for 2 weeks. pkt 5 information

chapter 6.

vocabulary, worksheets, questions p. 171, lecture notes on carbos, fats, proteins, nucleic acids, videos on classroom

monday nov. 6th ch. 6 review at back of chapter. 1-37 odd. only. short sentence answers. even questions for extra

tuesday-11/7 day 2 of rate of diffusion labs. ( test temperature on rates of diffusion vs. concentration 2/5 on 1st day)

wednesday11/8 for test on computer ( carbos, fats, proteins)

thursday-11/9 video on genes

friday11/10 no school Veterans Day

mon 11/13 vocab and self design questions for pictures ch 12 (sub)ot o

tues11/14 read checks 327/328/330 and questions 332

wed 11/15 video on crack the code of dna

thurs 11/16 DNA lab or work on extra credit due on friday. 25 pts / 30 pts typed.

childrens book. essay. or poster. 5 concepts

carbohydrates, fats, proteins, nucleic acids, acid/bases

.11/17 extra credit is due. more DNA information.

so far

video on genes, vocab/self design picture questions ch 12, read checks 327/328/330 and questions 332

also video notes cracking the code of DNA

not much left before winter break.

no extra credit. other than typed work.

Students need to do their own work, finish what they start in class and do their homework

it is a college prep course.

thank you