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Thinking about education and career plans for after high school is not a set linear process.

  • You might have a specific career "end goal" in mind. In this case, you will want to research requirements for the career and ensure you select an educational path so that you fulfill those requirements.
  • Alternatively, you may not know exactly the job you are seeking, but you may be drawn to a certain college major or field of study. In this case, you might start your search by identifying programs that interest you and then explore what career options are available based upon completing those programs.
  • In other words, there is not a set order for exploring these resources! You will likely need to go back and forth between the Education and Careers resources as you develop focus with your exploration and planning.
  • Also, consider that are rarely singular "end goals" when it comes to careers. Rather than viewing your career path as a unidirectional ascent up a "ladder," others have suggested using the analogy of a jungle gym instead. This means that there may be multiple paths to a goal and that there may be multiple opportunities available at any point.

Researching "Spy Kid" careers will give you experience with the process of exploring options.

While this assignment requires that you focus on a specific field or type of career, the same process of exploration may be applied other areas, well. Below are some more general resources for future education and career exploration when considering other potential careers.

Exploring by Interests & Skills

Exploring Careers by Job Availability & Outlook