Resources for Building a JUST Society

Overall Goal

  • You will be working as part of a group to create a website about juvenile justice.
  • The intended audience for your website will be leaders within a specific community.
  • You will be sharing what you have learned about juvenile justice related to the neighborhood, and you will provide concrete recommendations based upon your findings.
  • Review the Website Checklist below to become familiar with the final product that you are working toward creating. Keep in mind that you will be completing different portions of the project in work phases assigned by your teacher.

What you're working toward

Juvenile Justice Project - Website Checklist

Process and Products

Phase 1 Checklist:

Juvenile Justice Project - Phase 1 Checklist

Phase 2 Checklist:

Juvenile Justice Project - Phase 2 Checklist

Phase 3 Checklist:

Juvenile Justice Project - Phase 3 Checklist