Granite Hills Associated Student Body

Welcome to the official Granite Hills Associated Student Body(ASB) website. Here you can find any and all information regarding clubs, ASB activities, and upcoming events.


23 October 2018: Next week is the Halloween Carnival. Clubs are heavily encouraged to sign up to sell food. Tickets can be bought starting Monday for $1 each at the finance office, and can be bought in various locations during the Carnival.

16 September 2018: We hope that you all enjoyed the Homecoming Festivities, from the Carnival to the Dance. Stay tuned for more ASB events throughout the year.

11 September 2018: Today is the beginning of Homecoming Week Eagles! Be sure to dress up for out spirit days. Also be sure to buy your Homecoming Dance Tickets for $20 w/ASB card, $25 w/out, and $30 at the door of the dance

24 August 2018: Today we welcomed the class of 2022 in our annual Swoop Assembly. We also announced the Homecoming Theme, which is "The Greatest Homecoming"

More Announcements

If you have any questions regarding ASB that you are unable to find on our site, or feedback in general, please feel free to contact us by clicking here, or sending an email to:

Purchase an ASB card today if you have not already purchased one. The $30 goes to athletics, academics, social events and clubs. The card also allows you to enter all home non-CIF football, basketball, and volleyball games for free, as well as giving you a discount on tickets to dances and Eagle Theater plays.

It is important to note that if you are a Varsity athlete, you will need an ASB card in order to get your varsity letter for free. If you do not have an ASB card, you will have to purchase the letter in the Finance Office

ASB cards can be purchased at registration or anytime through the finance office.