Goobric &

Google Classroom

Introduction to Doctopus and Goobric

Doctopus and Goobric are different scripts that were formerly the most efficient method for "pushing out" and grading student work. While Doctopus and Goobric are efficient, the setup and operation of these two scripts can be somewhat complex. Google Classroom has streamlined many of the functions (i.e. assigning and collecting work) performed by doctopus. However, in merging all three programs, you will be able to grade student work with lightning fast efficiency!

Step 1: Installing Doctopus and Goobric

You will find doctopus in the "Add-ons" menu in Google Sheets. You only need to install this once, after it is installed you will be able to "launch" it in any spreadsheet you open/create.

Goobric is an extension available in the Chrome Web Store. It will appear in the extension toolbar once it is installed.

Step 2: Create a Rubric in Google Sheets

You can create as many different rubrics as you like as long as it is in the corresponding format. Again make your rubric in Google Sheets.

Step 3: Assign and collect work through your google classroom

Collect your assignments via google classroom, but keep in mind goobric only works with google docs (slideshows/drawings do not work)

Step 4: "ingest" the assignment to a spreadsheet using Doctopus

Create a spreadsheet and "launch" Doctopus. Select the option to "ingest an assignment to Google Classroom." Tip: create the spreadsheet in the assignment folder (in drive).

Step 5: Cycle through student assignments and provide feedback using Goobric

Open the first student document in either the ingested spreadsheet or in the assignment folder in Google Drive. Once this file is open select the Goobric icon in your extensions toolbar. You can edit and provide comments as you would in any other Google Doc, but with the added ability to assign grades and commentary (including audio feedback) using Goobric. You can also easily cycle through student submissions using the next and back arrow.

Step 6: Calculate student scores and return the assignment in Google Classroom

Use the =sum function in your Google Sheet to quickly calculate all students scores simultaneously!