Foothiller Pride Program

 Welcome to the Foothiller PRIDE Program Page

The Foothiller PRIDE program is a “proven educational enrichment program” which seeks to increase achievement by inspiring students and bringing excitement to their academic experience. PRIDE promotes this phenomenon through “celebrations, rituals, and traditions” geared to honor their academic success - small and large. 

The results of an effectively implemented and maintained Foothiller PRIDE program on a school campus are easily seen. Students achieve more when they are enthusiastic about their studies. Through the presence of PRIDE on a school campus, changing perceptions about the academic environment, student achievement is raised, attendance rates, D & F rates reduced, and dropout rates decrease. The benefits do not end there, as teachers become more impassioned about being part of the school community, parents become more actively involved, the community becomes more deeply aligned to the goals and aims of the school, and business partners contribute resources (including funds) to ensure the success of the school and, thereby, the community at large.

 How Does the Foothiller PRIDE Program Work?