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Distance Learning Resource: Find where teachers are hosting distance learning courses.
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ECVHS FAQ: Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about distance learning.
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Digital Student Planner: Use your own copy to keep track of your distance learning coursework.
2020-21 GUHSD School Calendar - Updated July 9, 2020 to reflect quarter system
Return to the ECVHS Main Website for much more information.
Student Chromebook Start-Up Guide: In the document below, browse quick video tutorials for your Chromebook, Infinite Campus, Schoology, your GUHSD Gmail Account, and Google Chrome.
Student Start-Up Video Package.pdf
Chromebook Insurance - Read plan details: futureforward.guhsd.net/insurance - Because accidents happen... Purchase deadline = September 18, 2020 - Buy now before it’s too late!
Tips for Avoiding Damage *Based on actual student experiences! Check before closing your Chromebook lid. If earbuds, pencils, etc. are on your keyboard when you shut the lid, they can crack your screen; Open & close from the center screen edge. (vs. opening & closing with with your thumb on the sides) This prevents hinges from breaking since they wear evenly. Beware of pets and small children. They have been known to chew or break items. Keeping items out of reach also prevents them from being stepped on. Keep liquids away. Spills can damage the Chromebook’s main board, which is the most expensive part! Be careful with power, headphone, USB ports. If items plugged in get yanked, ports can get damaged, which requires replacing the expensive main board.

Finding admin & Counseling contacts

Students and families have designated admin and counseling contacts based on student last names. Below, see which Vice Principal and Counselor serve your portion of the alphabet and their contact emails.

ECVHS Principal & Vice Principals

ECVHS Counselors

Infinite Campus (also referred to as Campus Portal) is the system that GUHSD uses for registration, to communicate with parents and students, and for attendance and grade tracking.

ECVHS Student Alpha Breakdown - 2020/2021

ECVHS MEal Information

English Lunch ECVHS.pdf
Spanish Lunch ECVHS.pdf
Arabic Lunch ECVHS.pdf

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If you have any questions related to distance learning and do not know where to ask them, use the form below and we will direct your question to the appropriate staff member. NOTE: You must be logged into your school @guhsd.net account in order to submit questions.