Attribution & Citation

"standing on the shoulders of giants"

Have you heard the phrase "standing on the shoulders of giants"?

The idea is that what we do builds upon the previous work of others. Perhaps you've heard it put another way: "Nothing is original."

As Austin Kleon, author of "Steal Like An Artist" explains in his TEDx talk, when we build upon the work of others, we should:

1) Seek out the best works we can find.

When researching, think about:

  • Relevance - Does the information meet your current need? Do you know what your need is?
  • Source evaluation - How do you know that information is trustworthy and appropriate for your need?
  • Authority - How do you know that an information creator is qualified and trustworthy?
  • Rights - Do you have rights to use a creative work (e.g., image, video clip, music, etc.)?

2) Strive to innovate and not just imitate.

When researching, think about:

  • Remixing & Mashups - Consider lots of information and combine from what you find.
  • Transformation - How can you add meaning? How can you use information in your own unique way?

NOTE: The attribution for the "Steal Like An Artist" TEDx talk video is built-in in this case since people can easily track the source of the video by clicking on the YouTube link in the player.

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