COVID-19: Safe Return

Guadalupe Centers Charters Schools plans to return to full in-person instruction for our 22-23 school year.  This means all buildings will be open and operational 5 days a week during posted school hours.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an atmosphere of disruption and uncertainty for our students and their families.  It is our hope that a return to normalcy will serve to act as a stabilizing force.  We recognize that the threat of COVID is not over, but many steps have been taken to reduce exposure levels.  Guadalupe Centers will continue to take appropriate measures in this regard.  That information is detailed in our Safe Return to In-Person Instruction.  

The most important action that anyone can take at this time is to be inoculated against COVID-19.  Inoculation is effective in a number of ways.  It can keep you from getting and spreading the virus.   It can keep you from getting seriously ill even if you get COVID.  And it helps protect the people around you.  Currently anyone aged 12 and over has the ability to be inoculated.  

Our federal government is providing this service free of charge to all citizens.  And our local state and city governments have worked to create access so that anyone can be inoculated.  If you need assistance with locating the inoculation sites, please visit the City of Kansas City COVID-19 Vaccination Information Center. In addition, our schools will be offering opportunities for families to be vaccinated. Information regarding these events will be posted to the parent portal of Infinite Campus.