Bootcamps & Summits

Fast Hacks for Forms Users

Whether you are gathering information from students and parents, or creating a quiz, there are tons of ways to put Google Forms to use in the classroom. Learn about tips and tricks, AddOns, and Google Classroom integrations to help you get the most out of Google Forms. Walk away with resources and templates you can use right away.

Draw Attention to your Lessons with Google Drawings

Need a launching pad for your lessons? Looking for a new way to create interactive lessons for your students? With this sessions, teachers will gain insight on how to leverage Google Drawings as an interactive learning tool. Walk away with ideas you can use right away.

Never Fear, Spreadsheets are Here!

Often overlooked, and sometimes hated, spreadsheets can be the hero of your classroom. Learn how to make the data you gather work for you. Whether using Google Sheets for labs, attendance, or as a database, there's always something useful in a spreadsheet.