MTS PD Day - Googley Goodness

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Trevor Poole & Phil Taylor

Session Outline & Objectives:

If you're an educator who knows how to use Google tools in the classroom, Google Certified Educator Level 1 certification proves your proficiency. Find out what it takes to get certified and improve your educational technology pedagogy skills.

"Working towards the Level 1 Certification allowed me to gain confidence and an understanding of how to use Google tools in the classroom. It's definitely changed my behavior and perspective as an educator." - SAM BROOKS

This full-day workshop will get you started on your journey of becoming a Google for Education Certified Educator - Level 1. Level 1 focuses on Google tools at a foundational level, but also gives educators insight into pedagogical approaches and ideas when using G Suite for Education tools.


This session would benefit any educator who would like to learn how to integrate technology into the classroom.


  • Familiarity with most Google for Education Tools:
  • Docs, Sheets, Slides, New Google Sites, Gmail


Some Chromebooks will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own laptop with the Chrome Browser installed.

New from Google for Education: Getting Started with Google for Education

Getting Started with Google for Education is an 8-week training program that delivers bite-size product tutorials to your inbox. Lessons take less than 15 minutes to complete and provides basic training videos to get you started with G Suite for Education. Sign up today!

Do you have a paper-based mindset?

  1. Do you require students to work within the box?
  2. Do you "flatten" student work?
  3. Are you limiting collaboration?
  4. Do you discourage mistakes?
  5. Do you venture outside the four walls of you classroom?
  6. Is your classroom full of dead paper?