Googley Tools for Educators

BYTE Conference 2019 Workshop

BYTE Conference 2019 - Hosted by Virden Collegiate


Session Outline & Objectives:

If you're an educator who knows how to use Google tools in the classroom, you will have noticed many improvements and features were added to G Suite for Education in the past few months.

This session will explore the changes and enhancements made to G Suite for Education Tools such as, Google Classroom, Google Sites, as well as enhancements made to free Applied Digital Skills Curriculum which is suitable for all subject areas in Middle and High School. I will also share some of my favourite practical tips and tricks such as taking advantage of the Explore feature found in many G Suite tools.

This hands-on workshop will also get you started on your journey of becoming a Google for Education Certified Educator - Level I. Level I Certification and training resources are perfect for the educator who would like to learn how to integrate technology into the classroom.

Topics include:

  • Connections between the updated LwICT Continuum, 1-to-1 Programs (SJR is BYOD from Grades 5 to 12), and advantages of becoming a GSfE School
  • Collaborative features of GSfE
  • Managing your Digital Classroom with Google Classroom
  • Updated features found in New Google Sites and Google Classroom
  • Subject specific suggestions, using Google Tools for, collaboration, professional growth, peer reviews, and more ...


Educators who would like to learn how to integrate technology into the classroom and learn more about the latest tools and features found in Google Tools for Education.


Familiarity with some Google for Education Tools such as:

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Forms
  • Slides
  • New Google Sites