Personal Learning Networks

Welcome to the session on building a personal learning network. I pray that your time spent will be beneficial and will inspire you to continue to grow in your own learning. I do not believe there is a more powerful example in the classroom than a teacher that displays a true love of learning and shows students that it never ends.

When building a PLN it is easy to become overwhelemed by the sheer volume of information and tools that are available to you today. I believe that Lisa Nielsen created a very simple guide on getting started back in 2011 that is still applicable today (with the exception that Google Reader is no more... (sad face). Instead use Feedly as the RSS reader.

Listed Below are some of the tools, websites, and professional communities that I have used in my own PLN. The key is to remember that your PLN is unique to yourself. Building it is part of the learning and how it is created and curated, who you follow, and what you consume will be extremely personal to you!