Components of you Google Site

  • A page dedicated to telling students about you.
  • A page dedicated to the sites and links you have for Personal Learning (Blogs, Pinterst pages, other student's sites, etc...)
  • A page (or multiple pages) displaying your proof of concepts.
  • A single page reflection regarding your philosophy of technology in education. (Note that you have already started this discussion in Moodle Discussion: Tackling a Tech Question Essay and Critique of ISTE standards. Feel free to steal from these and summarize for final submission). This might be a Google Doc linked to your site OR written as a text box on the site... either is fine.

Proof of Concepts

  • Unique use of Google Slides (Screencastify Presentation)
  • EdPuzzle
  • Amazing Race
  • Google Classroom Link (with Join Code)
  • Quiz created with Google Forms (assigned in Google Classroom)
  • Screencastify* Review of a Learning Management System (See Topic 9: Learning Management Systems for ideas)
  • Teacher Planning (Digital Planners, Organizers, Calendars, Lesson Plans) (Screencastify Review or Write-up)
  • Computational Thinking (Hour of Code) review and demo. (See Moodle Topic 13 Lesson 7 for ideas.)
  • Wikucation entry (or update) to include one of your proof of concept ideas. (Note the "Boiler Plate)