Welcome and Overview

During this course we will look at some of the various assistive technology tools that are readily available which students and teachers can access to enhance, support and overcome various exceptionalities. The primary focus of this course will be centered around tips and strategies for students with learning disabilities.

This course will focus on 2 parts of the EdTechTeam honeycomb:

Empowered Teachers

Student Agency

Course Objectives:

    • Understanding what Executive Functioning, Assistive Technology (AT) and Universal Design Learning (UDL) are and how they look in the classroom
    • How to support and assess all learners equally
    • Understanding how to use and implement some of the best accessibility tools

Essential Question:

How can I utilize assistive technology to enhance instruction and improve learning in my classroom

Learning Matrix

All of your learning for this course will be documented on this EdTechTeam Online Global Collaboration Learning Matrix.

Click this link to make a copy of the Learning Matrix.

Narrated Version

Keep this handy in your drive so you can post all your learning here. For each lesson you will need to continue to add evidence to your learning matrix so keep it handy after you make your copy. It will be turned in as part of your final project.