My name is Joshua Johnson and I have been an educator for over 17 years with experience at every grade-level from middle school through adult learners. I currently serve as the Director of Academic Technology and Asst. Professor of Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, WI. I spend most of my time working with both pre-service and in-service teachers as they seek to improve their classroom instruction with respect to the use of technology.

I have 8 years of experience as a Google Apps for Education Administrator. I served as the IT director at Nebraska Lutheran High School for 10 years. During that time we saw huge changes in the way that students and teachers used technology in the classroom. In 2010 we piloted a 1:1 laptop program and began the transition from our locally-hosted e-mail server to Google Apps for Education. Now all students are issued a laptop upon enrollment and are equipped with both Microsoft Office and a Google account for email and apps.

Personally, I have been a geek since before it was cool (although I probably tried to hide it :-). I remember my watching as my father hooked up our family's first "real" computer (an IBM PC jr.) when I was still in the primary grades. I remember playing Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego in middle school and learning to type in high school. I remember obtaining my first email address in college (which I still have) and waiting on pins and needles to receive an invite to Google's new Gmail product in 2004.

My goal is that everyone who attends will leave with a better understanding and vision for how they might use Google Applications in not only their classroom, but also in their personal lives. I also hope that we begin to see the importance of using digital tools in our classrooms as we continue to focus on teaching students the skills that they will use to become life-long learners.