Thursday: Session 1

Workshop Title: Applying Appreciative Advising to your Daily Practice

Room Location: Madrigrano Auditorium

Presenter: Benjamin M. Forche, M.Ed. Director of Student Affairs - Ohio University

Presentation Summary: Appreciative Advising is an intentional process designed to help higher education professionals facilitate deep learning in students to gain an understanding of their goals and dreams, as well as create an action-oriented plan to begin working. Properly implemented, the Appreciative Advising model establishes the academic advisor as an ally to the student. In this session, participants will begin to understand how to implement the six phases. Participants will also have time to brainstorm and create their own action plan for implementing Appreciative Advising in their respective role. Participants will leave with an understanding and resources to implement the model in a variety of methods.

Time: 2:45pm - 3:30pm

Workshop Title: Life Hacks for Stress: Preventing Burnout in Higher Education

Room Location: Academic Building A114

Presenter: Lisa Lanting, Health and Wellness Coordinator - Madison Area Technical College (Madison College) | Sara Gomez, Academic Advisor - Madison Area Technical College (Madison College)

Presentation Summary: How are we showing up for our students and colleagues? Calm and energized or frazzled and depleted? Do we have low morale or a passion for making an impact every day with our students? Gain a new perspective on work/life balance and burnout in this fun and engaging session. Using an interactive game format with anonymous polling via mobile device, this session offers fast, easy techniques to “hack” your body’s stress response in order to feel strong, calm, and resilient under pressure. We will explore cutting-edge research on chronic stress, which offers new insights on how to work with our autonomic nervous system to prevent burnout. Please bring a smartphone or tablet for the interactive component of this session.

Time: 2:45pm - 3:30pm

Workshop Title: Creating Community in an Online Learning Environment

Room Location: Student Life Center Garden Room

Presenter: Jeff Ramsey, Director of Student Services, Online - Herzing University

Presentation Summary: Students are more successful when they feel connected to their college or university. But, how do you create a sense of community in an online learning environment when the students never see one another or the campus in person? Come learn how Herzing is working to create an environment for its online students where they feel part of a university community.

Time: 2:45pm - 3:30pm

Workshop Title: Best practices in Faculty Advising

Room Location: Academic Building A116

Presenter: Linda McGee, Accounting Instructor, Divisional Chair - Gateway Technical College | Pat Hoppe, Engineering Instructor, Divisional Chair - Gateway Technical College | Susan Willing, Nursing Instructor - Gateway Technical College

Presentation Summary: Gateway Technical College recently began a formal Faculty Advising model. Three Gateway faculty members share their experiences advising students, what has worked, tools and resources, institutional support and future ideas/suggestions. This interactive workshop is aimed for colleges looking to start/strengthen their Faculty Advising and Academic Advisors looking for ways to collaborate more with faculty counterparts.

Time: 2:45pm - 3:30pm