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Google Sites: Getting Started - Create Your Site

Image: Public Domain CC0 from https://pixabay.com/ Videos on this page that are not Avi's are embedded from this site: https://portal.synergyse.com/a/#videos

Watch the videos and follow the instructions.

1a what is a Google site.mp4


What is Google Sites? 0:41



2a sites interface intro.mp4


Layout of the Sites interface 2:18



3a browse sites you have created.mp4


Browse sites you created 0:45



4a create a new site.mp4


Create a new site 0:56


Create your ePortfolio site.

1b themes.mp4


Pick a theme 1:33


Pick a theme

2 sharing and collaboration.mp4


Sharing & collaborating on sites 2:05


Share site with avi.luxenburg@gsuite.viu.ca as editor.

3 Preview site.mp4


Previewing your site 0:55



4 publish site.mp4


Publishing your site 1:31


Publish your site

5 unpublish site.mp4


Unpublishing your site 0:44



6 view published site.mp4


View your published site 0:58


Try it.

Submit this Quest in your Tracker, on the Website tab

Website Building Quests:

Web Design Intro & Tool Selection

Read whole page, select Web Design service. Use tutorials below.

Images & Agreement

Read, Watch Videos, and Submit image agreement

0:00 Intro

✅ = TO DO

For this one... just watch

0:55 Create Sites & Templates

✅ Create blank site (Not using a Template)

3:20 Header

✅ Play with header style, background, image, text

5:00 Pages

✅ Follow tutorial. Create pages, subpages...

6:50 Preview Website

✅ Preview site

7:10 Navigation style

✅ Try navigation styles. Note: Later you will probably see why you want to avoid side navigation

7:40 Add a logo & Favicon

☑️ Do this if you wish

8:30 Announcement Banner

✅ Try it.

10:40 Themes

✅ Experiment

11:20 Text

✅ Experiment

11:50 Footer

✅ Try it

13:00 Sections

✅ Create Sections, play with backgrounds, move sections around.

13:40 Content

✅ Begin to play with content. Experiment with layout styles. Experiment with creating your own layouts.

14:50 Sections

✅ Experiment with Sections; backgrounds, placement...

16:10 Insert video

✅ Try it.

18:20 Collapsible text

✅ Try this. Try it with text. Now you can also include images in the collapsed area.

18:50 Other elements

✅ Experiment with other elements.

19:14 Image carrousel

✅ Try this

20:20 Buttons

✅ Experiment with buttons: both within the site and to a URL outside of your site.

21:25 Hide page from navigation

✅ Try it. You will use this a lot once you understand more about design principles.

22:00 Build templates w placeholders

☑️ Nothing to do... just something for the future.

22:30 Insert Calendar

✅ Try this. Note that you can make a class calendar that is separate from your personal calendar.

23:15 Insert Google Docs

✅ Spend some time with this one. Try embedding various Google files: Slides, docs, drawing...

24:10 Embed other sites

☑️ Do this if you wish

26:00 Add collaborators

✅ Add avi.luxenburg@gsuite.viu.ca as a collaborator.

27:00 Viewer Settings & contact form

✅ Play with viewer settings

28:20 Revision history

✅ Check your version history

28:40 Duplicate Website

☑️ Do this if you wish

29:30 Publish Website

✅ Check your publish settings and publish the site.

Publishing VIU GWFE for all to see

✅ Make sure your site is viewable by all.

31:05 Unpublish & Publish updates

✅ Play with re-publishing

Add your PUBLISHED site URL to this form

Design Principles 4 & 5

Watch videos, read, make notes in a Working Document

Design Principles 1 & 2

Design Principles 3, 6 & 7

Complete Web Design Self-Assessment on the right.

Hand in your Site in G Suite Classroom ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Click "Submit here" ➡️ ➡️ ➡️