TRB Standards

First time here? Please watch video

The video below is accurate, but discusses 16 evidence pieces rather than the new protocol, which is for nine evidence per the TRB Protocols page.

The information you need to know

  1. TRB Submissions Protocols Document
  2. Reading through what is required on the Submission Form (This will happen through your Tracker)
  3. Having a look at a few Exemplars. Use the buttons below to find exemplars for specific standards.

Docs we will be using for submissions

  1. TRB Submissions Working Document (Get yours in Classroom)
  2. TRB Submissions Feedback Document (Helping each other)
TRB Home

Spend some time having a good look at this material and you may claim this time as a Quest in the Core Quests tab of your Tracker

‚ÄčAre you interested in how the TRB Standards connect to the VIU program outcomes?

Avi is currently working on a document to see the connections: Click here to view the document.