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Helping businesses transform faster by leveraging power of Shared Ecosystems of 400+ Experts World-wide.

6 Core Themes for BizStreet in 2018 to create maximum positive impact on society we LIVE

1. Air

2. Water

3. Food

4. Healthcare

5. Transportation

6. Business Transformation ( Tax , Technology , Trainings , Litigation Support , Debt Management & Operational Excellence to make Teams/ Organizations achieve GOALS)

400+ Strong & Seasoned Experts in our Shared Ecosystem world-wide & Focus on Shared Service Centers development with Platinum Partners of BizStreet ( BOT Model)

With B2B focus , we serve World's Best Consulting & Advisory Firms , large companies , Industry Associations , Government bodies and pick-up innovative startups from 6 Core themes as above.

An innovative approach based on Shared Economy evolving principles , on-demand expert consulting , credible advisory , critical transformation through right technology adoption , Right Hiring , Timely Firing and outcome based execution services.

Do you want to take your Business or Services to next level of Growth by adopting "Asset light" innovative models ? Contact

What brings success to you as Partner @BizStreet ?

1. Be Authentic

2. Build Trust

3. Set your Goals

Where all we can help you ?

1. All Major Metro and Tier 1 & 2 Towns in India

2. Gulf Countries ( UAE , KSA, Kuwait, Oman , Bahrain, Qatar )

3. Middle East & Africa Region

4. Australia & NZ

5. UK & EU Countries

6. China & Hong Kong

7. Singapore , KL & South East Asian Countries

8. USA & Canada

9. Brazil & Latin America

10. ASEAN Countries and BRICS

Why us ?

We understand that today every business be it large Multi National or fast growing startup , is struggling with problem of Sustainable capacity to deliver growth demands. Right Balancing of your Profit and Loss account and making your Balance Sheet Asset light to achieve your growth goals.

We have diverse skill set and special collaboration skills with technology to support you with outcome based consulting and delivery based execution through Power of Networking. In Today's VUCA world "Timing of right execution" and "Time Spend on proper planning" is most important ingredient for success.

We empower you with that in "Shared Economy " way at BizStreet.

Would you like to know how we started ?

October 2015 - Started as GSTStreet

January 2016 - 20+ collaboration achieve to get going into Training and Network Building

September 2016 - 10+ large Clients made and successful delivery through trusted partners

February 2017 - Market place model started ( later closed after 6 month of Trial)

July 2017 - Completed 5000+ Corporate reach out feet on the street with 192 Seasoned experts

November 2017 - Started VATStreet to support Shared Ecosystem in Middle East ( GCC Countries)

January 2018 - Started TaxStreets Global & BizStreet to support Business via Tax, Training , Transformation, Technology world wide

March 2018 - Hiring Zone Services with Dedicated Teams started globally

April 2018 - 6 Core Themes decided as 3 year plan and Clients under each bucket identified upto 60% in first month itself

We are just an e-mail away

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What Services you can expect from us as client or offer to our ecosystem as trusted partner ?

  1. Business Advisory
  2. Tax Consulting & Litigation Support
  3. Debt Management
  4. Complex Brand & Business Strategy Projects
  5. Insolvency Law , Commercial Dispute or Global Structuring Support
  6. Policy Shaping initiatives , representations and research support
  7. Personal Branding Services
  8. Technology Evaluation and Research
  9. Feet on the Street Survey for Business, Project , People
  10. Hiring and Firing Services
  11. Content Management Services
  12. Life Skill and Business Coaching Programs for Large & Mid Size Corporates and CXO level
  13. Pro-Bono Mentoring to innovative Startups by seasoned experts in our 6 core themes ( we do not charge fees or mentor equity from startups )
  14. Assist Senior level professionals in finding Flexible Job and Project Options basis their expertise and experience

All these services are offered or availed by us through Trusted Partners only with proven delivery capability , trust and transparency.