Academic year 2022/2023

The interdisciplinary contribution of Giorgio Parisi to theoretical physics

A series of seminars bridging communities

"Sapienza" University of Rome

This is a series of seminars that will be held in Aula Amaldi in the Physics Department of "Sapienza", University of Rome, with dates that will span the whole 2022/2023 academic year. The idea and organization of this event comes from a collaboration between Sapienza, INFN and Gran Sasso Science Institute

These seminars have several purposes:

First, we want to propose a wide-range perspective on Giorgio Parisi's contributions to several different fields emphasizing his style of being a theoretical physicist, interested and active in many areas: a unique source of inspiration for the whole theoretical physics community.

Second, we hope that this series will not only be a recapitulation of some important contributions of Giorgio for those already working in theoretical physics: we hope it will also be capable of triggering the same kind of curiosity and interdisciplinary attitude towards theoretical physics in particular among the youngest people starting their work in research.

"The interdisciplinary contribution of Giorgio Parisi to theoretical physics" is an event especially dedicated to young people: master and PhD students who start their discovery path in the fascinating world of theoretical physics are more than welcomed.

There will be in total 14 contributions, each one dedicated to one among the most influential and iconic papers published by Giorgio. Each paper will be discussed by an expert of the field, in many cases close collaborators of Giorgio. The list below follows the chronological order:

"Asymptotic freedom in parton language"

Guido Altarelli, Giorgio Parisi


"Planar diagrams"

Edouard Brezin, Jean-Claude Itzkynson, Giorgio Parisi, Jean-Bernard Zuber


"Bounds on the fermions and Higgs boson masses in grand unified theories"

Nicola Cabibbo, Luciano Maiani, Giorgio Parisi, Roberto Petronzio

(1979, June)

"Random magnetic fields, supersymmetry, and negative dimensions"

Giorgio Parisi, Nicolas Sourlas

(1979, September)

"Infinite number of order parameters for spin-glasses"

Giorgio Parisi

(1979, December)

"Perturbation theory without gauge fixing"

Giorgo Parisi, Yong-shi Wu

(1981, April)

"Numerical estimates of hadronic masses in a pure SU(3) Gauge theory"

Herbert Hamber, Giorgio Parisi

(1981, December)

"Stochastic resonance in climatic change"

Roberto Benzi, Giorgio Parisi, Alfonso Sutera, Angelo Vulpiani


"On the multifractal nature of fully developed turbulence and chaotic systems"

Roberto Benzi, Giovanni Paladin, Giorgio Parisi, Angelo Vulpiani


"Dynamic scaling of growing interfaces"

Mehran Kardar, Giorgio Parisi, Yi-Cheng Zhang


"Glueball masses and string tension in lattice QCD"

Ape Collaboration


"Simulated tempering: a new Monte Carlo scheme"

Enzo Marinari, Giorgio Parisi


"Analytic and algorithmic solution of random satisfiability problems"

Marc Mézard, Giorgio Parisi, Riccardo Zecchina


"Interaction ruling animal collective behavior depends on topological rather than metric distance: Evidence from a field study"

Starflag Collaboration


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Maria Chiara Angelini (Sapienza), Marco Bonvini (INFN), Giacomo Gradenigo (GSSI)


Roberto Aloisio (GSSI), Antonello Polosa (Sapienza), Federico Ricci-Tersenghi (Sapienza)


Department of Physics

1st floor Marconi Building

Aula Edoardo Amaldi

P.le Aldo Moro

(Thursdays at 2.30pm)

Aula E. Amaldi is the largest room of Ed. Marconi, where plenary speaches and talks at the "Sapienza" Department of Physics usually take place. This will be the perfect place for this series of seminars to take place, in the core of "Sapienza" campus, where large part of the research and discoveries discussed took place.