Digital Tools for Schools

For more information about these tools and their use, please contact your ed-tech team. Though there are many other tools available, these tools are, for the most part, free, available on any device, have an easy sign-in process, and we've used them successfully with students.

Alberta teachers have access to many subscription services through Learn Alberta. Including PowerKnowledge, World Book (three levels), and The Canadian Encyclopedia. To log in automatically, go through the ORC.

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Typing Club: Improve Typing Skills

Duolingo is a great site for learning languages

Write and publish their work for an audience and share, collaborate and comment:

Google Sites allows very easy site creation. The features of old Google sites should be added this school year.

Seesaw allows students to share their work with their teacher and their parents and is an easy digital portfolio site.

Weebly is another option for classroom website creation.

Lucidpress is a publication app for newsletter or magazine creation.

Blogger is a simple blogging tool but has limited design features.

Kidblod is a great blogging program, but it is a paid service.

Sites for reading and writing skills

Epic Thousands of free ebooks for students.

NewsELA provides leveled news stories for students.

Pobble is a writing prompt site that provides picture prompts and story starters.

Read Theory is a free reading comprehension site with leveled reading passages and questions and allows teachers to track progress.

Smithsonian Tween Tribune is a leveled reading site.

Read Write Think has hundreds of reading and writing lessons.

Read Works is a reading comprehension resource with printable passages, lessons, and question sets.

Dogo News is a kid-friendly news source for current events.

Mind maps, displaying words in a visual format

Lucidchart for mind maps and flowcharts.

Popplet is a kid-friendly mind map creator

Word art (formerly Tagul) allows you to create word clouds with your own images.

ABCya has many creation tool.

Tag Crowd is a word cloud creation with many options (word count, etc.)

Formative Assessment

Google Forms for digital tests, surveys, data collection.

Socrative makes exit tickets easy.

Flippity allows you to create flashcards, Jeopardy style games and much more, all through Sheets.

Kahoot is a fun quiz game.

Plickers is a student response tool that uses an iOS or Android app to read paper response sheets. No student devices? No Problem.

Quizizz is similar to Kahoot but is more individually paced.

Quizlet is great! Eight different learning modes including Quizlet Live!

Flipgrid allows students to post video reponses.

Create posters, visuals, and infographics

Google Drawing is a simple but powerful visual creation tool that is very easy to use.

Unsplash is a great source for free stock images.

Timeline JS allows you to make a very attractive timeline from a Google Spreadsheet template.

Pixabay is another great source for free stock images.

Sutori (formerly Hstry) allows you to create a scrolling timeline.

Lucidpress is similar to Publisher; allows you to create magazines, posters, brochures or newsletters.

Black Gold teacher recommendation

Piktochart: a great infographic tool with a Google sign-in.

Easelly is a simple infographic creator. Not too many options for templates, but it gets the job done.

Adobe Spark is great for making movies but you can also make interactive "pages"

Canva is a fantastic for teaching design or making visuals.

Gravit is a fantastic vector image creator for graphic design.

Create digital stories: combine audio, video, music, pictures, drawings, maps, cartoons, or any combination into a final product

Google's My Maps allows you to annotate, add content, calculate distances, and share and save your map.

Twisted Wave allows you to record audio on your Chromebook.

Pixiclip is an interactive whiteboard that allows you to record audio, video and add text or annotations then share or embed. Similar to Explain Everything but free!

Storyboard That creates colourful comic style storyboards.

Screencastify creates screencast videos quickly and easily with this Chrome browser extension.

iMovie is simple, straightforward, and produces good quality movies. iMovie is hard to beat if students have access to iPads.

Stop motion animator is an app that is available for the Chrome web browser and Chromebooks. Create stop motion animation sequences using your device's webcam.

WeVideo is a free online video editor that can be used on Chromebooks. Combine audio, video, pictures.

ABCya has many tools and this is a simple tool that allows students to create animated Gifs.

Book Creator now works on Chromebooks as well as iPads.

Soundtrap is an online recording environment that allows collaboration and looping and mixing of provided tracks.

Thinglink allows you to make pictures interactive with links, videos, pictures and text.

Adobe Spark is great for making movies.

Sign in with Adobe

Loom: A floating screencaster!

Create presentations, share content

Google Slides can be used to create presentations filled with images, text, and video. See the templates page!

Animoto can be used to create photo slideshows with music.

Slides Carnival has fantastic templates if you want to create a presentation.

Powtoon creates animated video presentations. Notify parents of use if students are under 13.

Not included here: Pear Deck, Nearpod, Prezi, Moovly, Haiku Deck

Use photo editing, design, screen capture, home design tools

Pixlr Express allows you to add filters, text and other overlays to photos.

Pixlr Editor is an online photo editor much like Photoshop.

PicMonkey: online photo editor.

Sumo Paint: online photo editor.

Sketchpad is a very neat HTML5 drawing tool. Draw with any touch screen or interactive whiteboard. Other vector design tools include Vectr and Gravit.

Adobe's Color CC allows you to choose your palette for design and use the hex numbers easily.

Homestyler allows you to design buildings with 2D floor plans or 3D modeling .

Add annotation and comments to video is a Google Drive addon which allows students to add in their own time stamped notes and annotations on videos.

EDpuzzle can be used to crop videos and add quizzes and assessments right into the video. Show only what you want to show and check for understanding on fly.

PlayPosit is a platform to create and share interactive video lessons. Create questions and pause the video to receive student feedback. Real time monitoring of student progress is available.

Use instructional interactives: Games, manipulatives and exercises that increase background knowledge and skills:

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Various subjects are available.

Sumdog uses interactive math and reading activities to engage learners and compete with others around the world.

Prodigy is a free adaptive math game which allows users to work through different levels of math outcomes while piloting themselves through a simple role-playing quest.

Sheppard Software is a collection of educational games and learning activities from the ECS to High School levels. No user accounts are needed.

Math Games is a suite of games and apps that links common core standards from the ECS to Grade 8 level. is a site that uses adaptive questions to assist in vocabulary building activities.

XtraMath is a free web-based application that allows students to work on their basic operations. XtraMath can be used in the classroom or at home.

Interactive Sites for Education is a collection of games and activities that covers different topics. Be aware, some Flash sites will not run.

Spelling City builds students literacy, spelling and phonics through gamified activities.

Brain POP is a website with linked videos and activities on various subjects. The Free site has been linked and the paid version offers many more options.

Connect with other classes, teachers, schools, museums, do virtual field trips, create virtual reality:

Mystery Hangouts is an activity in which classes from across the globe connect and ask questions.

Google Expeditions is a virtual reality experience. Every Expedition

[Google Expeditions] - List of available Expeditions

Google Earth is now on Chromebooks with excellent new Voyager journeys. (email your tech team if it won't run on your PC)

Cospaces allows you to create virtual reality worlds or upload, add to real 360 images, and even code events in your world.

Panoform allows you to make drawings come alive in a 3D viewer.

Learn code and computational thinking, create games, create 3D models: is more that just the hour of code. Contains a plethora of coding resources.

Scratch is a great place for students to learn visual coding and create their own games.

MIT App Inventor allows students to create their own apps and watch them work immediately.

Codecademy is a good place to learn HTML, Javascript, CSS, or PHP

Code Combat is a fun, game-based way to learn coding.

Made with Code is a project-based learning site with coding lessons geared towards girls.

Khan Academy also offers coding courses.

Tinkercad is a great site for creating 3D models.

Teacher tools for communication, planning, classroom management, and workflow

Google Classroom. The control room for your digital classroom.

Remind is a parent communication tool.

Class Dojo started as an extrinsic motivator but has turned into a parent communication tool.

Planboard is a free digital planner.

Classcraft allows you to gamify your classroom.

Planbook is another digital planner that has a small yearly cost.

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Technology is not the innovation, it is a tool embedded in innovation. -Grant Lichtman

Created by: Darren Maltais, Black Gold Regional School Division, with Jacqueline Larson and David Froland.

Some additional ideas and resources from Richard Byrne. "Free Technology for Teachers.",

Edotopia, Edudemic, and Shake Up Learning.

Updated September, 2017