Good Shepherd Computer Class


At Good Shepherd School, we believe that technology is a tool to enhance student's understanding of material. Students will have the opportunity to explore and create while using the latest technology here at Good Shepherd. The curriculum we use is based on the national standards for technology and is integrated with the core subject areas.

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Announcements and Weekly Updates

Week of 12/10

We had a very busy week getting units wrapped up and ready for Christmas. Here are the highlights.

Kindergarten: explore Christmas games and activities

1st grade: check out our holiday artwork in the hallway that we created online.

2nd grade: our letters to Santa are printed and in the hallway.

3rd grade: we are finishing our final copies of our autobiographies. We are working hard on editing and reworking our paragraphs. These will be in the hallway after Christmas break.

4th grade: we started our brochure projects. We will be working on these before and after Christmas break.

5th grade: we are finishing our rough drafts for our buddy interviews. We will be editing these next week.

6th grade: we finished our graphing unit. During this unit, we learned how to collect and represent data in Excel charts and graphs. Next week we will work on yearbook activities.

Midquarters are this week and students in grades 5 and 6 will get an update on their grades.

Week of 11/26

The weeks seem to go so quickly during the school year. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday week. This week 6th grade is playing the Lemonade Game during class, recording their data from their business and will be graphing the results. 5th grade has started their newsletter unit and 4th grade has begun their brochure unit. Both of these units focus on using templates to create a nice looking document. 3rd grade is continuing to work on their autobiography. 2nd grade is reviewing how to change font color, size, type and make text bold, underlined, and in italics. They also will be learning how to copy and paste images to a document. 1st grade is doing online memory activities to improve focus while kindergarten will be starting their Christmas unit.

Major Due Dates:

  • 6th grade: lemonade data chart due 11/30, lemonade graph due 12/4
  • 5th grade: none, continued research
  • 4th grade: none, continued research

Week of 11/12

This week grade 6 will continue to work using Excel to show math concepts. Specifically we will be starting our graphing units. 4th and 5th grades will be reviewing how to use bullet points to organize information in a Word document. Grade 3 will be starting their autobiography papers. Grade 2 will continue using the Internet to research and learn about our government. Grades K and 1 will have fun exploring Thanksgiving games and activities online.

Major Due Dates:

  • 6th grade: Excel timeline due 11/13, bar graph due 11/16
  • 5th grade: interview questions due 11/16

Week of 10/29

This week grade 6 will be review how to use Excel to compute math functions and how to sort data tables. Grades 3 - 5 will be finishing their keyboarding unit. Grade 2 will continue to review Excel and finish their first project with learning how to use borders and patterns in cells. Grades K and 1 will continue to work on Halloween websites.

Major Due Dates:

  • 6th grade: function tables due 10/30 and budget spreadsheet due 11/2
  • 4th and 5th grades: Keyboarding skill test on 10/30

Week of 10/22

This week 6th grade will be finishing their keyboarding unit. 3-5 grades are continuing to improve their skills. Kindergarten and first grade are exploring their creative skills as they explore Halloween websites.

Major Due Dates:

6th grade: keyboarding skill test 10/23

5th and 6th grade: all makeup work due 10/23

Week of 10/8

This week we continued to work on keyboarding in grades 3-6. Students in grades K-2 continued to work on fire safety rules.

Major Due Dates:

6th grade: keyboarding written test 10/16

5th and 6th grade: all makeup work due 10/23