Good Shepherd Computer Class


At Good Shepherd School, we believe that technology is a tool to enhance student's understanding of material. Students will have the opportunity to explore and create while using the latest technology here at Good Shepherd. The curriculum we use is based on the national standards for technology and is integrated with the core subject areas.

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Weekly Updates

Week 3 (September 14th - 18th) This continues to be a very busy time at Good Shepherd with technology. Below are the grade level topics we have covered in the last 2 weeks.

PreK: real world safety and parts of the computer, clicking, and moving the mouse

K: ipad basics, navigating to apps and websites

1: ipad basics, navigating to apps and websites

2: ipad basics, clearing open tabs and open apps, navigating to apps and websites

3: Google docs basics

4: Google docs basics and Google classroom, Internet Safety test 9/18

5: Google classroom, Microsoft Word templates, Internet Safety test 9/22

6: Google classroom, Pages templates, Internet Safety test 9/18

Week 1 (September 1st - 3rd) We made it through our first week of school. It was great to see all the happy faces in the hallways and classrooms. This week in computer class all classes reviewed classroom procedures and online safety rules. I am excited to work with all of the kids again this year!