Gobind Sarvar Field Hockey Club

Welcome to Gobind Sarvar field hockey club

At Gobind Sarvar field hockey club our mission is to promote the growth of hockey and provide the best possible experience for all participants by developing, advancing and regulating the sport. 

We believe that all of our athletes should develop not only their skills but also their self-confidence.

Today's athletes, tomorrow's leaders. 

Gobind Sarvar Field Hockey Club was established 14 years ago and is a rapidly growing team based in Surrey B.C.  We welcome any interested players, supporters or sponsors to come and watch us, or contact the club Manager Preet via email on the contact page.  

If you would just like to try playing field hockey, you are welcome to join as well, and hopefully our spirit will entice you to consider membership. We have equipment available for use so you do not need to purchase anything initially, unless you decide to eventually play on a full-time basis.

For the 2023 season we have boys U12, U16 and U18 teams. 

We currently have 4 Gobind Sarvar athletes in the Canada Junior National team and 3 of them in the Senior Canada National Team. 

In 2014 one of your senior players played for Canada at the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China and won Silver. 

Provincial Championships

U18 - 3 Gold Medals

U16 - 2 Gold Medals

U15 - 2 Gold Medals

U14 - 3 Gold Medals

U12 - 2 Gold Medals

Surrey Lions Tournament

Mens Team - Gold Medal

U14 - Gold Medal

U12 - Gold Medal

Panthers Tournament 

U14 - Gold Medal

U12 - 2 Gold Medals

India Club Tournament

U21 - Gold Medal

U18 - 3 Gold Medals

West Coast Tournament 

U18 - Gold Medal

U 14 - 4 Gold Medals