Deciphering Science


e - cONTENT FOR laboratory - Even semester

All practicals lead to actual experience of the phenomenon which deliver the hands-on knowledge enhancing the insights.

School of Science, GSFC University e - Laboratory

To bring in an essence of reality and to provide a virtual conducive environment for in depth understanding and enable all prerequisite skills to young and enthusiast mind for experimentation and research, GSFC University, School of Science has designed its own  e - Content for Laboratory Experiments Christened as 'PRACTIRIENCE'  to cater to students need for  experimenting and research,  news and updates,  PRACTIRIENCE is  equipped with various advanced tools of learning, videos, animation, demonstrations, lectures and others relevant contents to provide a holistic e - learning environment  to students on myriads of basic and advanced concepts of learning in the area of science and development. 

New Lab Building, GSFC University