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Pearson FoR Prep Site

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Granite State College and the School of Education do not claim that by participating in this prep site will guarantee passing scores on your exam. This site serves as a guide ONLY.

This is considered a self-directed site for students who are required to take the Pearson's Foundations of Reading exam.

STUDY GUIDE - This study guide is an extremely important resource to complement the information on this website.

Welcome to the Granite State College School of Education Pearson's FOR Prep Course. We hope to help our students see a successful completion of their required Pearson's testing on the horizon. This course is designed to not only prep you for your test but to give you some strategies and tools to help find the confidence and ensure you have the knowledge to be successful, whether it is your first attempt or a repeat attempt, on your Pearson's FOR test.

A lot of the questions as you will see on the pre-test are not vocabulary based. The questions are to make sure the concept is understood. It is important to understand each topic completely and not just the definition.

The course is broken up into 5 areas with units within each area:

Test Strategies

Foundations of Reading Development

Development of Reading Comprehension

Reading Assessment and Instruction

Integration of Knowledge and Understanding

Take the pre-test and see how you do and where you need some improvement then review the areas you feel you need assistance in and work those objectives. Once complete the course, try the test again to determine the success of your studies and the potential room for improvement for both you and the SOE.


MTEL Study Guide shared with permission from Jennifer Yeager