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Course Outline

  • First Quarter (August -October)

    • Craft and Tools of Geography - August 24-September 4

    • Physical Geography - September 8-September 29

    • Political and Human Geography - September 30-October 15

    • No DBQ First Quarter

  • Second Quarter (October - December)

    • North America - October 19-November 13

    • South America - November 16 - December 11

    • DBQ 1 - December 14-December 22

  • Third Quarter (January - March)

    • Africa - January 5-February 5

    • Europe - February 8-March 2

    • DBQ 2 - February 16-February 19

  • Fourth Quarter (March - May)

    • Asia - March 3-April 6 (Spring Break March 20-March 28)

    • Oceania & Polar Regions - April 7-May 7

    • DBQ 3 - April 19-April 23

    • Final Project - May 10-May 21

About Ms. Doyle

I am your Geography teacher this year. I also am the sponsor of the Journalism Club and one of the Robotics Coaches. Journalism Club publishes the GSA Middle School Yearbook and the GSA Digital Newsletter, GSA Today. I grew up in the St. Louis area and then spent over 10 years in Connecticut after grad school. I earned a Bachelor's degree in History and Master's degrees in Social Studies Education and Educational Leadership. This is my 13th year teaching. I have been at GSA for 3 years and have taught mostly Middle School Technology in that time. My true love, though, has always been Social Studies. I taught various Social Studies courses in grades 6-12 while I was on the East Coast. Geography, French History, and East Asian History are my favorites. I love to read (my favorite authors are Charlotte Bronte, David McCullough, and Jim Butcher), draw and paint maps, drink tea, hang out with my awesome cat, Gus (who thinks he is a dog sometimes), and spend time with my very large family. I have 4 siblings and 5 nieces and nephews whom I adore and I love to brag about. I'm very excited to work with you all this year and get to know you even better!

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